Rates & Scheduling: $100 Consultation Fee + $45/hour of work. 
How My Process Works: Step 1 is an hour long consultation meeting where we can assess your needs, ideas and questions. It's also a good way to have an ice-breaker and get to know each other as human beings! We can set up an online screen-share conference call and discuss the project parameters, deadlines, quotes, concerns, and anything else you'd like to share with me. 
Progress Reports: During the consultation, we can discuss how to effectively communicate with each other, as well as share ideas and screenshots to show progress until the final product is ready for delivery. I am always open to comments and critiques. Asset creation is often more about teamwork than creative production.
Onboarding: If the client agrees with all terms and charges of project, I will provide a personalized contract. Once signed and the consultation fee is paid, the project may begin. I will abide by the deadline and will provide regular updates with the project's progression. 
Finalizing: Once the project is nearing its completion, I will provide finalized proofs with client's overview for spell-checking, final last minute edits, or misc. errors... If you accepts the proofs, and claim the project as complete, all pending charges will be due. Once payment is made, I'll promptly provide all packaged deliverables. Together, we can work on a perfect plan to help nurture your business!
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