Let's develop personal assets, from personal stories, for personal results.
Having a unique and personable approach in your creative marketing endeavors is vital to making those meaningful relationships with your business.
Every person and business is unique, and requires an equally distinctive angle for the various needs in effective communication, especially in marketing.
I've had the pleasure of working on projects from a wide variety of fields, entertainment & business models, as well as individual needs. 
Works spanning from business cards, letter headers, illustrations, logos, branded materials, stickers, social media content, printed materials, brochures, music composition, stickers, enamel pins, posters & flyers and so much more! 
About Me:
I have been captivated by the visual & audio arts since I was a child. I've been involved with fine art creations (both traditional & digital), music production, church choir, competitive improv as well as community theatre. I graduated with my Bachelors at Washington State University - Vancouver, in 2017 and have since worked as both an employee and contract production artist.
I am a native to the Pacific Northwest, and am very passionate about animated films/movies/games/assorted pop cultures, brand development, music composition, as well as cooking delicious & nutritious foods! Life is a mixed bag of goodies.
Please feel free to email me at Aaronokoa@gmail.com. 
You may also call or text me at 1-(360)-433-8129
This contact form will work as well. Don't be shy. :)
Your story is just waiting to be told!
Thanks! I'm looking forward to getting to know you.

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